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workshop furniture

Con­sole Barocco

Fur­ni­ture Work­shop – orig­i­nal and cus­tom made.

A pro­ducer of unique furniture.

We offer:

Our work­shop was estab­lished in 1995.

We are a small but, quickly devel­op­ing business.

The fur­ni­ture we make is of the high­est qual­ity; from design to the final product.

Order­ing fur­ni­ture over the inter­net does not have to be risky. What you receive is what you ordered, not some­thing totally different.

We offer a care­fully designed and pro­duced product.

Before any order is started the cus­tomer receives a design and photo-​realistic visualisations.

We use pro­fes­sional tools and skills that help us to design fur­ni­ture and accom­plish it exactly as shown in the design. All of the mate­ri­als that are used for pro­duc­tion are care­fully selected to suit the order. Every order is treated individually.

We use expe­ri­ence of ear­lier gen­er­a­tions and utilise meth­ods of the mas­ters of carpentry.

workshop furniture

All parts of the fur­ni­ture are made in our work­shop, not sourced elsewhere.

Our fur­ni­ture is com­pli­cated and com­plex which makes each piece impres­sive and beautiful.